1. A user see the command promt:Router(config-if)#.What task can be performed at this mode?

Reload the device

Perform basic test

Configure individual interfaces

Configure individual terminal lines

2.Refer to the exhibit.Host A attempts to establish a TCP/IP session with host C. During this attempt, a frame was captured with the source MAC address 0050.7320.D632 and the destination MAC address 0030.8517.44C4. The packet inside the captured fram has an IP source address and the destination IP address is At wich point in the network was this packet captured?

leaving host A

leaving ATL

leaving Dallas

leaving NYC

3.Which password is automatically encrypted when it is created?




enable secret

enable password

4.Refer to the exhibit.While configuring a network ,a technician wired each end of a category 5e cable as shown .Which two statements  are true about this setup ?(choose two)

the cable is suitable for connecting a switch to a router Ethernet port

the cable is suitable for connecting dissimilar types of devices

the cable is unusable and must be rewired

the cable is terminated in a way that the transmit pin is wired to the receive pin

the cables simulates a point-to-point WAN link

5.Refer to the exhibit .Which layered network model is shown in the diagrama?





6.A user enters in the address line of a browser.Which statement is true about this transaction?

the http portion indicates the protocol that is being use

the web1.htm portion is the specific service name

the retrieved web page will be displayed in URL code

the is the name of the web page file that is called

7.Which of the following are the address ranges of the private IP addresses?(choose three) to to to to

8.Refer to the exhibit.Each media link is labeled.What type of cable should used to connect the different devices?

connection1-rollover cable;connection2-straight -through cable; connection3-crossover cable

connection1-crossover cable ;connection2-rollover cable;connection3-crossover cable

connection1-straight -through cable; connection2-crossover cable;connection3-crossover cable

connection1-straight -through cable; connection2-crossover cable;                                                 connection3-straight -through cable

connection1-crossover cable; connection2-straight -through cable;connection3-crossover cable

9.Which combination of network id and subnet mask correctly identifies all IP addresses from

10.which device should be used for enabling a host to communicate with another host on a different network?





11.Refer to the exhibit. RouterB is configured properly.The Ethernet interface Fa0/0 of RouterA is configured with the use of commands that are shown.However ,a ping from the Fa0/0 interface of RouterA to the Fa0/0 interface of RouterB is unsuccessful.What action should be taken on RouterA to solve this problem?

use the description command on the FastEthernet interface Fa0/0

configure the clock rate of FastEthernet interface Fa0/0

use no shutdown command on the FastEthernet interface Fa0/0

reboot the router

12.Refer to the exhibit.PC1 is unable to acces PC2.To troubleshoot this problem ,the technician needs to confirm that the next hop interface is operational.Which default gateway address should the technician ping from PC1 to confirm this?

13.Refer to the exhibit. The diagram represents the process of sending e-mail between clients.Which list correctly identifies the component or protocol used at each numbered stage of the diagram?





14.Which option shows the PDU that contains the Layer3 source and destination addressing for a packet ?

Correct answer:

Ver.                           IHL                              TOS                    Lenght                                                          Identification                              Flag                    Fragment                                      Time to Live        Protocol                              Header Checksum                                                                                              Source Address                                                                                                                                Destination Address                                                                              Option                                                                             Padding           

15.Refer to the exhibit. A PC is communicating with another PC on a remote network. The two networks are connected by three routers.Which action will help to identify the path between the hosts?

use the ipconfig command at the host

use the ipconfig/all command at the destination

use the tracer command at the host 

use the ping command at the destination

16. What type of network is maintained if a server takes no dedicated role in the network?





17.When connectionless protocols are implemented at the lower layers of the OSI model ,what is usually used to acknowledge that the data was received and to request the transmission of missing data?




a connectionless acknowledgement

an upper-layer,connection-oriented protocol or service 

18.What information can be gathered by using the command netstat?

the default gateway

the routing protocol

active TCP connections

the locally configured subnet mask

19.Which statement is true about Layer 3 addresses?

they are physical addresses

they are used in routing decision 

they are only used on local networks

they are altered each time a packet crosses a router

20.What can the user do from the command prompt Router(config-line)# ?

configure one of the network interface

configure one of the physical or virtual lines

verify the running configuration on the device

configure parameters for one of the routing protocols

21.The Layer 4 header contains which type of information to aid in the delivery of data ?

service port number

host logical address

device physical address

virtual connection identifier

22.While configuring a router , a network technician wants to name the router. Which prompt should the technician see when entering the hostname command?





23.If an administrator wished to return a router to the default state ,what additional step must be taken issuing the command erase start-up config?

reload the device

issue the command copy running-config start-up config 

perform a show running-config to verify that the file was removed

enter the interface commands to allow the device to connect to the network

24.Which statement is true about router hostnames?

a hostname should be unique on each router

a router hostname cannot contain capital letters

a router hostname is configured in privileged executive mode

a router hostname must be created before any other configuration can be added to the device

25. A user types enable command. What task can be performed at the privileged EXEC mode?

configure the device

configure individual interfaces

configure individual terminal lines

issue show and debug commands

26. What information is contained in the header of Layer 3 to help data delivery ?

port number

device physical address

destination host logical address

virtual connection identifier

27.Which three statements are true about network layer addressing ?(choose three)

it uniquely identifies each host

it assists in forwarding packets across internetworks

is uses a logical 32-bit IPv4 address

is not a configurable address

it is a physical address

it identifies the host from the first part of the address

28.Which OSI layer uses a connection-oriented protocol to ensure reliable delivery of data ?

application layer

presentation layer

session layer

transport layer 

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